"Make your life pain free, by simply changing your shoes to Z-CoiL’s"

Remote Check-up & Shop

Make your shoes by Remote Check-up Service is now available!

Remote Check-up Service
We start the Remote Check-up Service to customize your Z-CoiL shoes for those do not have a Z-CoiL store in area.

The Pain Relief Footwear

Orthopaedic Shoe & Appliance

Make your shoes by Remote Check-up Service

If you cannot find the Z-CoiL Store in your area, now you can order our shoes by online. Still we need your information such as height and weight, feet shape, gait, etc., making a video call, sending us through taking pictures or video clips of you. Base on that information, we customize your Z-CoiL shoes. In some cases, we may need to know further your conditions, we will contact you.

Purchasing & delivery procedures

Remote Check-up > Choose Your shoe style > Make a payment (product & delivery fee) > Adjusting Your Z-CoiL shoes (Based on your checkup results)> International shipping > Pay taxes >Receive your Z-CoiL shoes > RE-Checkup your conditions

Three options to checkup your conditions

Option 1 :
Video Call - The most accurate/recommend method to checkup, and may takes about 10 minutes.

Option 2:
Video clip - If Video Call is not available, you need to make a self-video clip as similar to the sample video below.

Option 3:
Photos - If you are not available to make a video call or take videos, you can take pictures following instructions in the video below and send us these pictures.

[Watch the sample video]

* Note: Please understand that Z-CoiL will decide
whether to sell the shoes or not by your checkup results.

Three options to make a reservation

Option 1 :
Fill the form - Fill in the Reservation Form below (details required for accurate adjustment) - It is recommended.

Option 2 :
Text: Line ID: (or Phone no. +82-10-3285-7501)

Option 3 :
Phone Call: +82-10-3285-7501 (Z-CoiL Team)

How to make a payment

1. PayPal:

2. Money transfer
Bank deposit :
Account Name : Z-CoiL Ltd. Busan
Account No. : 518-85-024566
Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited
Bank Address : 163 Haeundae Haebyeon Ro, Haeundae Gu, Busan 48091, Korea (Republic of)
Swift Code : SCBLKRSE

Z-CoiL Asia Center

606-7(6F), 410(4F), Ace High Tech. 21 Building, 48 Centum JoongAng-Ro, Haeundae-Gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (South)
Zip Code : 48059
Moblie Phone: +82-10-3285-7501
Line ID:
E-mail :
6932 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM87107, USA

Agreement of private policy

I agree to provide personal information to Z-CoiL Ltd. as follows.

1. Provided information: Name, mobile phone number, email address, address (English), gender, age, shoe size, weight, height, etc.
All information included in the reservation form.
2. Purpose of use: For the sale, delivery, and A/S of products. Only use for customizing Z-Coil products to customer.
* Name :
* Tel/Phone :
(Only numbers without country code)
* Email Address :
* Zip Code :
* Address :
* Reservation Date
(the reservation date can be adjusted):
Month day time
* Gender male female * Age
* Height cm * Weight kg
* Foot length (Follow the sample video above ) mm
* Scoliosis yes no * Pelvic asymmetry yes no
* Flat foot yes no * Knock Knee yes no
* Bowed Knee yes no * Gait Normal
* Gap between your knees cm * Leg length difference
(if you have)
* Job
(Please write your work environment;
How long you stand,
walk or sit for a day,
whether the floor of your workplace is slippery or not,
how often you may carry heavy stuff, etc.)
* History of disease
(details required):

If you plan to come South Korea, please visit Z-CoiL registered store. Get a chance for better services such as physical checkup and proper adjustment for your shoes. Plus, you can take your shoes right after the fitting.

Click here, for finding the Z-CoiL registered offline stores in South Korea